In response to the COVID pandemic, we held our workshops via Zoom from June 2020 to October 2021. We will continue the workshops via Zoom for our June 2022 series. We hope to see you soon in person! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Webinar for Women: Organizing your financial house – June 2022 Series

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Great job deciding to put your financial house in order! Though it is possible to live paycheck to paycheck, sometimes you’ll need to have money available for big, important purchases and life events. This personal finance workshop series is designed for women of all ages and stages and is led by a female financial advisor with over a decade of working with clients just like you. The series outlines helpful financial practices that layer and integrate the fundamentals of financial savvy to create a sense of financial wholeness and well-being. Attendees do not need any background in understanding finance.

**Session 1- June 1, 2022:

We explore ways to establish financial wellness:

– Money Decisions: The Psychology of Money

– Budgeting & Cash Flow

– Risk Management

**Session 2 – June 8, 2022:

We explore important money management basics, including:

– Saving

– Investing

– Credit

– Debt

**Session 3 – June 15, 2022:

We design a blueprint for your personal financial plan:

– Tax Planning: Deduct – Divide – Defer

– Estate Planning: A plan for the living

– Retirement Planning: Financial independence and income planning


You will leave this program with greater understanding in the following areas:

Knowing where you stand today, financially, and how to move forward.

Recognizing your spending habits.

– How to develop your personalized budget.

– How to set and accomplish your financial goals.

– How to increase your savings.

– How to start investing.

– Integrating your finances within the Canadian banking and credit systems.

– Why your credit history matters.

– How to build a good credit score.

– Different types of borrowing and associated costs.

– How to manage debt.

– The importance of starting your investing journey as early as possible.

– Investment terminology and the language of finance.

– Retirement planning; estate planning; and tax planning – and the impact that financial planning can make on your bank account and future independence.

Presenter: Paige Brettle B.A (Hons.), Certified Health Insurance Specialist, CHS

Paige Brettle is a fully licensed Associate Consultant for one of the largest Wealth Management Firms in Vancouver. She obtained her honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick, is a Certified Health Insurance Specialist, and is currently pursuing her Certified Financial Planner professional accreditation. Specializing in marketing and business development, she manages the brand development, public relations, and public speaking engagements for the practice. In accordance with building new clientele, she also assists the team in creating and delivering financial plans to existing clients. She has been a program volunteer for Junior Achievement of British Columbia since 2013 and is passionate to enhance the financial lives of all Canadians.